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MZ Wallace Handbags

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MZ Wallace – The “Jane” Bag in Nutmeg

My obsession with MZ Wallace handbags took place a couple years ago while working a jewelry trunk show at a dear friend’s home. I noticed her carrying a unique black ruched shaped nylon bag, the “Bea” style. What really caught my eye were the bold fuchsia satin lining, beautiful solid hardware and the many functional pockets. It was love at first sight and I knew I had to have one for myself!

I would disclose the number of MZ Wallace bags I now own, but it’s a little embarrassing.  Instead, I’ll share with you my favorite bag style.  It is the “Jane” bag pictured above. I use it daily and it is the ideal size for work. It fits manila folders, binders, magazines, and even my laptop.  With all the pockets, there’s room for your Blackberry/iPhone, iPod, sunglasses, and much more.  Each bag comes with a matching cosmetic case. Many of my girlfriends (9, but who’s counting) now own a MZ Wallace handbag. Quite often when we get together, several of us are happily carrying our functional, stylish, and timeless bags.

MZ Wallace was founded in 2000 by two entrepreneurial and fashion minded women who had a passion for accessories; Monica Zwirner and Lucy Wallace Eustice.

An Inspiration – Liz Dennery Sanders

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Me and Liz at her birthday celebration - April 2010

Liz and I met 5 years ago while serving together on the Los Angeles Board for Step Up Women’s Network – a national non-profit organization dedicated to connecting and advancing women and girls. As a devoted entrepreneur, Liz founded Dennery Marks, Inc. a national brand strategy and celebrity outreach firm.  Her true passion is helping women build a powerful personal brand from inside out and achieve their life dreams. I am confident Liz will achieve her own dream of touching and helping one million women around the world!

She’s a kindred spirit with a similar fondness for philanthropy, travel, wine, and of course, jewelry.  Over the years, Liz has continually given me jewelry design inspiration. I’m touched and thrilled that whenever I see her, she shares an idea or gives me tearsheets from fashion magazines of jewelry designs.

About 5 years ago, Liz received a coin pearl necklace from her husband along with a bag of 30 loose pearls. Liz asked me to collaborate on a few more timeless pieces with the remaining loose pearls to carry her from the office to evening events in confident style. I customized a handful of versatile pieces for not only Liz, but also her mother and mother-in-law. With Liz’s inspiration, creativity, and love for jewelry, was the birth of the Liz Collection – a modern and feminine coin pearl collection.