Summer Stripes

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Stripes work year-round, but there is something about  summer and stripes that just feels right. Whether it’s a horizontal navy and white maxi dress or a pinstriped print  top, stripes seem to add an extra level of cool to any wardrobe.

Jazz up a BBQ outfit with a flowy dress in bold stripes. Add a wedge and some MYJ accessories and you’ll look effortlessly feminine and casual.

For the office, wear a striped print top alone or underneath a blazer for a polished look that gives you a touch of individuality. Leave the solids in your fall/winter section!

Accessories are the perfect way to work stripes into an outfit without going over board. A striped scarf worn with a solid top provides the perfect amount of the summer’s It print. Shoes and bags in a striped print can also allow you to wear just a hint of this summer’s trend without feeling overwhelmed. Remember, just a hint of stripes can go a long way!

Whatever the occasion, make sure you have some stripes in your closet to work into your outfits and you’ll be set for summer!

Storing Summer Statement Jewelry

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Some of May's favorite summer jewelry.

I am always looking for different ways to store jewelry and I recently came across an article that showcased different ways to creatively organize jewelry.  One versatile idea was to use a modern bamboo utensil organizer to arrange this season’s large statement necklaces and bracelets.

Pictured is how I used the organizer for my own jewelry.  The necklaces can be paired together to create a favorite layered look or each section can be color coordinated. You can also store your stretchy or chain bracelets in another section so that all of your summer go-to jewelry is easily accessible.  I have found that it is much easier to create a polished look when you can see all of your jewelry at once.  You can place the tray in a drawer or on top of a dresser.

The simple and elegant utensil tray I used can be found at Target for $12.

Get ready to accessorize your drawer!

My Tote

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My Tote - Retail Price $28

With Memorial Day weekend and summer vacations upon us, I wanted to share my favorite fashionable and versatile travel tote – My Tote.

I had the pleasure several years ago in meeting the Designer and Co- Founder Laura Thomas Mullen, and since then have gifted her fun and functional totes to my sister and many girlfriends. Her fabrics and patterns are flirty and bright and always bring a smile to my face.

When packing for trips, I use one or two of the Chamberlain Swim Tote (pictured). The totes are lined to resist wetness and are perfect for repacking wet swimsuits. They are also ideal for carrying beauty products, laundry, lingerie, shoes, sunscreen, or even to enclose a gift.

Wishing you and your family a relaxing and festive holiday weekend!