Majorica Pearls

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May's favorite strand of white pearls

I’ve been honoring June’s birthstone – Pearls – this week by sharing information and photos of the gem along with offering a pearl promotion to our Twitter followers, Facebook Fans, and our MYJ members.  You probably have discovered by now that I have an extreme fondness and passion for pearls!

In high school, I received my first strand of white Majorica pearls from my parents and it was my father who gave me a lesson on the origin and quality of Majorica pearls.  My father emphasized over and over that it was a special strand of pearls and that it was only to be worn on special occasions. It was probably the most expensive piece of jewelry I owned at the time and truthfully, I wasn’t ever planning to wear the pearls except to please my father. Fast forward several years and I now love all types, sizes, colors, and shapes of pearls.

The Majorica pearl was first made on the Spanish Island of Majorca over a century ago and it has a close resemblance to natural pearls. Majorica pearls are man-made using a special iridescent glass bead as the pearl’s core. The glass bead is then coated on the surface with approximately 30 applied layers of a paste made of oil, fish scales, or mother-of–pearl.  The glass bead and natural layers replicate the surface and weight of a cultured pearl. The cost is a fraction of the price of a strand of cultured pearls.

Majorica pearls are a timeless fashion accessory that won’t break the bank!

The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens. – Author Unknown


Welcome to May’s Blog


Welcome to the launch of May Yeung’s Blog!  With the unveiling of our brand new website last month, I’m thrilled to share that I now will be writing about my true “passion points” every week.

In addition to the most recent news about MYJ, I’ll be including helpful, fun, and creative posts about Versatile Accessories, Contemporary Fashion, Modern Home Accessories, Sophisticated Lifestyle, Styling Tips, Inspirations, Philanthropy and finally my Favorite 5.  I have several guest bloggers waiting on the side line to share their stories as well so stay tuned.

As I start the journey of sharing my “passion points”, the following is my favorite quote that was forwarded by a dear friend and which I am fond of staying true to with my individual timeless fashion and home décor style.

Accessories are no longer an afterthought – they’re the main attraction.” – New York Times

An Inspiration – Liz Dennery Sanders

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Me and Liz at her birthday celebration - April 2010

Liz and I met 5 years ago while serving together on the Los Angeles Board for Step Up Women’s Network – a national non-profit organization dedicated to connecting and advancing women and girls. As a devoted entrepreneur, Liz founded Dennery Marks, Inc. a national brand strategy and celebrity outreach firm.  Her true passion is helping women build a powerful personal brand from inside out and achieve their life dreams. I am confident Liz will achieve her own dream of touching and helping one million women around the world!

She’s a kindred spirit with a similar fondness for philanthropy, travel, wine, and of course, jewelry.  Over the years, Liz has continually given me jewelry design inspiration. I’m touched and thrilled that whenever I see her, she shares an idea or gives me tearsheets from fashion magazines of jewelry designs.

About 5 years ago, Liz received a coin pearl necklace from her husband along with a bag of 30 loose pearls. Liz asked me to collaborate on a few more timeless pieces with the remaining loose pearls to carry her from the office to evening events in confident style. I customized a handful of versatile pieces for not only Liz, but also her mother and mother-in-law. With Liz’s inspiration, creativity, and love for jewelry, was the birth of the Liz Collection – a modern and feminine coin pearl collection.