Summer Stripes

Stripes work year-round, but there is something about  summer and stripes that just feels right. Whether it’s a horizontal navy and white maxi dress or a pinstriped print  top, stripes seem to add an extra level of cool to any wardrobe.

Jazz up a BBQ outfit with a flowy dress in bold stripes. Add a wedge and some MYJ accessories and you’ll look effortlessly feminine and casual.

For the office, wear a striped print top alone or underneath a blazer for a polished look that gives you a touch of individuality. Leave the solids in your fall/winter section!

Accessories are the perfect way to work stripes into an outfit without going over board. A striped scarf worn with a solid top provides the perfect amount of the summer’s It print. Shoes and bags in a striped print can also allow you to wear just a hint of this summer’s trend without feeling overwhelmed. Remember, just a hint of stripes can go a long way!

Whatever the occasion, make sure you have some stripes in your closet to work into your outfits and you’ll be set for summer!

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