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Bali Bead Sterling silver beads of various shapes and sizes originating in Bali. They are often used as spacers or accents around stones.

Ball Clasp A clasp that is formed by two halves that screw together. Ball clasps can utilize a hook and eye mechanism.

Baroque Pearl Pearls that have an irregular shape. The most valuable baroque pearls are South Sea and Tahitian pearls.

Carat Unit of weight for gemstones with 100 points to a carat, with one carat equaling one-fifth of a gram.

Carnelian A type of chalcedony that is usually red with orange or brown undertones. It was once believed to enhance one’s health and love life. Today, most carnelian comes from Africa and Europe.

Chalcedony Colored quartz with milky opaqueness.

Citrine A type of quartz that varies from light yellow to a dark brown or orange. It is one of the more rare semi-precious stones and the best quality citrine is often cut like a gemstone.

Coin Pearl A disc-shaped freshwater pearl. These pearls can have irregular or smooth surfaces and come in a variety of colors.

Cubic Zirconia CZ, for short, is a synthetic gem composed of zirconium oxide, a diamond substitute.

Euroclick A type of leverback earring, but with a latch that clicks into place behind the ear.

Extender Chain A chain that may be attached to another in order to provide a longer length.

Faceted A gem cut with multiple planes, resulting in greater sparkle from light bouncing off of the many faces.

Fish Hook (Earwire) A fish hook-shaped finding used to make earrings with the hook end passing through a pierced ear.

Freshwater Pearl An irregularly shaped pearl formed naturally by a mussel living in fresh water. The most highly prized freshwater pearls are perfectly round and do not have any surface imperfections.

Gold Filled Base metal (usually brass, copper, or silver) covered by sheets of gold in a mechanical bonding process.

Hematite The mineral form of iron, hematite can vary in color from silver-gray to brown to red. This stone is very hard, but also very brittle.

Hoop Earring A circular-shaped earring made from metal wire or tubing. Variations include the traditional shape as well as hoops with charms and other ornaments to be hung from the hoop.

Jade A stone that can range from very pale green to a deep green hue. It is highly valued in Asian cultures and has long been associated with courage and wisdom.

Karat A measure, from 1 to 24, used to indicate how much of a piece of jewelry is gold content and how much an alloy.

Lariat An open-ended, long strand necklace. Sometimes looped into a knot or used with a slide so that the two ends hang free.

Lever Back An earring with a back that curves and latches behind the ear.

Lobster Claw Clasp A clasp used for necklaces and bracelets that features an elongated hook (like a lobster claw).

Majorica (Majorca/Mallorca) Pearl A pearl coated with many layers of a man-made shell. The technique for producing the pearls originated on the island of Majorica, off the coast of Spain. Majorica pearls are perfectly round and are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

Mother of pearl The hard, iridescent inside layer of a pearl-bearing mollusk. Mother of pearl jewelry can be made from both the smooth sections of this layer, as well as from the more irregular areas for one-of-a-kind designs.

Onyx A type of quartz that ranges in color from white to black and almost every color in between. Glossy, smooth black stones are most commonly used in jewelry.

Pendant An ornament suspended from a chain.

Post A pin-like finding attached to an earring. It passes through a pierced earlobe, and may be held in place by a back.

Quartz A mineral used for gems, usually pale or colorless and transparent. Quartz is the most common mineral on Earth.

Sterling Silver Silver that is at least 92.5 percent pure with 7.5 parts of another metal, usually copper, to make the metal harder. All sterling silver findings bear the 925 mark to ensure quality.

Swarovski Crystal Pearl Similar to a Majorica pearl, a Swarovski crystal is coated with a man-made shell for a perfectly round shape.

Toggle Clasp A two-piece clasp with a bar that slides through a metal circle to secure the jewelry.

Topaz A mineral that is colorless and transparent in its pure form. Its many color varieties are due to impurities in the stone.

Turquoise A blue-green mineral that has been used throughout the world from the earliest civilizations. It was thought to protect the wearer from both bad luck and bad health.


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