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The Rosabel Collection

The inspiration behind the Rosabel Collection is Rosabel Tao, a former fellow Los Angeles board member for the non-profit organization Step Up Women’s Network. May and Rosabel instantly bonded over Asian food and fashion accessories after having their first Korean BBQ lunch together over 2 years ago.  Rosabel is a Corporate Communications executive and is often traveling to attend conferences and working with multiple media outlets which requires her to dress professionally and modern.

May noticed over time that Rosabel is a woman who enjoys wearing clothing with color and accessorizing with bold semi-precious stone jewelry. Inspired by Rosabel’s love for color, May continues to design statement necklaces and this season adds styles in rich primary colors with larger shaped semi-precious stones.

This collection embodies Rosabel’s inspiration of confident and individual style with the incorporation of vibrant hued colors - Emerald Green Onyx, Aventurine, and Sky Blue Turquoise.

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The Rosabel Collection