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The Liz Collection

The inspiration behind the Liz Collection is May’s dear friend Liz Dennery Sanders, whom she met while serving together on the National Board for the non-profit organization Step Up Women’s Network. The two women share many common interests from fashion, travel, wine, philanthropy, to, of course, jewelry. Liz, a fellow entrepreneur, founded SheBrand.com, a global, online business dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs build their confidence and brands. With her talent, creativity and love for fashion came the birth of a coin pearl collection.

About 6 years ago, Liz received a coin pearl necklace from her husband along with a bag of 30 loose pearls. Liz asked May to collaborate on a few more timeless pieces with the remaining loose pearls to carry her from the office to evening events in confident style. May customized a handful of versatile pieces for not only Liz, but also her mother and mother-in-law. After working with Liz’s beautiful white coin pearls, May decided to create a modern collection of coin pearls using different colors and sizes. Today, our Little White Pearl (LWP) is a style from the Liz Collection.

The coin pearl collection is beautiful and feminine with its simple organic shapes, and honors Liz for her creativity and vision.

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The Liz Collection