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The Juliana Collection

The inspiration behind the Juliana Collection is Juliana Jaoudi, a dear friend and fellow fashion and yoga practicing devotee.  The two were introduced by May’s sister Kathy and initially met over lunch 9 years ago in Santa Monica.  Juliana had moved back to California from Paris and since then, the two women have shared many fashion tips and yoga classes together while always chatting about their style discoveries.

Over the years, Juliana has lobbied consistently for a MYJ collection to be inspired by her. She would return from her world travels and show May her jewelry purchases in hopes that May would be inspired by something she coveted.  Several of the pieces that Juliana presented to May incorporated petite gemstones, so when May spotted new semi-precious stone chains in a variety of colors, she knew instantly that the next trend collection would be named after “Juliana”.

This collection embodies Juliana’s inspiration of feminine and sophisticated style with a “joie de vivre” for today’s modern and individual woman. 

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The Juliana Collection