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The Joanne Collection

The inspiration behind the Joanne Collection is one of May’s dearest college friends, Joanne Bal. The two were sorority sisters at UC Berkeley and later roommates in San Francisco while starting their respective professional careers in fashion and law. Over the last 12 years, Joanne has provided MYJ with valuable and endless legal advice and has continued to support and care for May and the well being of the company.

Joanne often relies on a strand of pearls to complete her look for the office and has inspired May to continually work with different types of pearls in multiple colors and shapes to offer styles that are modern and versatile. Joanne often shares design concept ideas with May hoping to expand her collection, for she is forever enthusiastic and passionate about the collection that is named after her. May can never look at a gray Majorica pearl without thinking about her inspirational friend.

This sophisticated and timeless collection honors Joanne’s love for pearls and her ongoing support!

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The Joanne Collection