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The Elaine Collection

The inspiration behind the Elaine Collection is Elaine Sugimura, May’s mentor and business advisor over the last year.  May met Elaine at a mutual friend’s wedding in 2008 and after talking to Elaine the first evening of the wedding weekend, May determined in her mind that Elaine would be her mentor one day.  Elaine’s professional background includes 25 years in the Accessories and Footwear categories and is currently the President and CEO of ArteMiss – a fashion holding company for Spiegel, Newport News and Shapefx.

Elaine encouraged and inspired May to design components that were exclusive to MYJ to show a distinct point of differentiation from other jewelry brands.  Taking Elaine’s suggestion, May worked with a talented artisan at a 50+ year old family owned US jewelry manufacturing company in Rhode Island to develop signature crystal and pearl pave components that complement May’s current collection.

This collection embodies Elaine’s elegant and sophisticated style with a feeling of classic with a twist and a dash of color and sparkle.

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The Elaine Collection